Hiking on Velebit mountain

Velebit belongs to the Dinaride mountain range, and it is its longest mountain. At the same time, Velebit is the most interesting and the richest natural landscape in Croatia. In order to protect it, the whole mountain was declared a nature park, and its most precious landscapes are protected as national parks, strict nature reserves and nature monuments. In 1978 the whole mountain was included into the list of biosphere reserves within the network of the UNESCO programme "Man and the Biosphere". The Velebit hiking trail (Velebitski planinarski put, VPP) is a mountain trail through the most interesting landscapes of Velebit. The trail starts on Zavižan - the shortest approaches are from Oltari and Krasno (3-4 h). Some hikers tend to divide the trip into two parts, with a break at Baške Oštarije. The trail ends at Starigrad Paklenica on the Adriatic state road. The Velebit hiking trail is around 100 km in total, and it is marked with the usual red-and-white mountaineer markings. It will take 9 days of walking to pass the entire route of VPP. The trek is divided into 9 parts of equal length, depending on possibilities for spending the night. In addition to VPP, there are also numerous other marked mountain paths on Velebit, so shorter trips are also possible. The most beautiful parts of the Velebit hiking trail are the area between Zavižan and Alan (Northern Velebit) and National Park Paklenica in Southern Velebit. Our villa Rita II is situated on the slopes of the Velebit mountain and can be your ideal starting point of the trail. The Croatian Mountaineering Association (Hrvatski planinarski savez) takes care about Velebit hiking trail. More informations you can find on https://www.hps.hr/english/velebit-hiking-trail/

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