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Croatia is well known for its well-indented coast. There are 698 islands, 389 islets and 78 reefs in the Croatian part of the Adriatic, which makes the Croatian islands the most numerous in the Adriatic Sea and the second most numerous in the Mediterranean (the Greek archipelago is the most numerous). Of the 698 islands, only 48 are inhabited in the sense that at least one person resides on that island. The Croatian islands have been inhabited since the time of ancient Greece (for example, Hvar was already inhabited between 3500 BC and 2500 BC, when Dionysius I of Syracuse founded a colony there in the 4th century BC). The main industries on the islands are agriculture (primary viticulture and olive growing), fishing and tourism. The absence of larger industry has resulted with numerous advantages, primarily clean air and sea, and therefore we recommend visit to some islands where are hidden some of the most beautiful locations on Adriatic sea.

Our top 5 most populated islands are Krk, Korčula, Brač, Hvar and Rab.

Some locations worth visiting are:

Brijuni islands National park (former summer residence of Presidents Josip Broz Tito and Franjo Tuđman), located a few kilometers west of the Istrian coast, opposite the town of Fažana, and consist of 14 islands and islets with a total area of ​​33.9 square kilometers. More information on https://www.np-brijuni.hr/en;

Island of Krk - explore here Biserujka cave, Oprna beach (most beautiful beach of the island), Vela plaža (Big beach) – 1,8 km long beach with Blue flag in the village of Baška and of course enjoy in great white wine Žlahtina from village of Vrbnik;

Island of Rab – capitol of the island, city of Rab is most famous for its four church bell towers in the center of town, as well as with plenty of sandy beaches and shallow sea (some of the beaches are naturist beaches);

Island of Dugi otok ("Long island") - 45 km long, and from 1 to 4 km wide island is well known for it untouched nature, plenty of hiking and bicycle routes, and of course magical beach Sakarun;

Island of Pag – on the Pag you can enjoy in delicious local manufactured cheeses (cheese manufacture „Gligora“ is a winner of numerous world awards for quality) and lamb specialities. Amoung the young poeple, Pag is recognized as party destination with its famous Zrće beach (photo no.5); 

The Kornati archipelago - a stone labyrinth of eighty-nine islands, islets and cliffs in the sea - these are the Kornati. The most indented archipelago in the Mediterranean. The view of the Kornati islands from the air, from the sea ... or from the island viewpoints to the sea is equally impressive - and completely different to the eye (photo no.6). Since almost the entire archipelago is located in the National Park, you are surrounded by untouched nature which is a paradise for boaters;

The island of Brač - one of the largest Croatian islands, located in central Dalmatia, is known for its beautiful small towns and the world-famous beach Zlatni rat, but also for the famous school of stone carving in Pučišće. The quarries are located east of the city, the oldest of which began operating in Roman times. The stonemasonry school in Pučišća is the only school of its kind in Croatia, and it educates students from all over the country and Europe in order to master this wonderful craft and make real small masterpieces. There are organized guided tours where you can visit the school and learn all about stone, the history of quarrying on the island of Brač, stonemasonry, and attend the work of students with stone;

The island of Biševo - one of the offshore islands, is a smaller island (its area is 5.8 square kilometers), with only 15 inhabitants, due to its location there is no mass tourism, but it is therefore popular with boaters, do not miss a visit to the Blue Cave, unique attractions on the east side of the island;

The island of Vis - it is also one of the offshore islands, which is 45 kilometers away from the mainland, a long and rich history. Since it was the main naval base of the army of the former Yugoslavia for 50 years (there were 38 different military facilities on the island), tourist activity was banned on it during that period, and therefore its historical appearance was preserved without the presence of mass tourism. It is an excellent location for people who want a peaceful holiday while enjoying local specialties, and for diving enthusiasts. Around Vis there are about twenty locations with sunken sailing ships, warships (Re d'Italia, Palestro, Radetzky from the Battle of Vis in 1866…), submarines and planes, which makes this submarine the most attractive in this part of the Adriatic for underwater tourism. The latest discovery came in March 2010, when the remains of a heavy B24 bomber, also known as the Liberator, were discovered in the sea off the southern part of the island. The plane was found on the high seas, about 500 meters from an islet near the southern part of Vis, at a depth of only 39 meters.

The island of Korčula - the second largest island in terms of population, known for its excellent gastronomic offer, the capital of the island, the eponymous town of Korčula whose walls are a scaled-down version of Dubrovnik, and numerous beautiful beaches hidden in coves throughout the island;

The island of Mljet - the southernmost and easternmost of the large Adriatic islands, is a green oasis of unusual nature for an Adriatic island: a third of the island is a national park, 70% of the area is covered with forest and is particularly rich in water (there are two large lakes, Veliko and Malo Lake). In terms of area and population, it is one of the less populated islands, which, in the absence of mass tourism, makes it an ideal place for people looking for a Robinson Crusoe type of vacation.

The island of Lokrum - an island of beautiful nature and rich history about which legends still circulate today ("anyone who sleeps on the island or takes something from it will be haunted…"), located opposite the old town of Dubrovnik, do not miss to visit the Royal Fortress, monastery complex and Maximilian's Gardens (bought by Maximilian of Habsburg in 1859), and if you are a fan of the "Game of Thrones" series, we point out that some shots of the series were filmed in these gardens, "pure blooded" ruled here. Take a walk along the paths where the Khalees and her powerful host Xaro Xhoan Daxos walked. And while you’re on the island, you can also sit on the Iron Throne, which is housed in a Benedictine convent.



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