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Zadar is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, the center of Zadar County and the wider regional complex of northern Dalmatia and Lika. It is the second most largest city in Dalmatia and the fifth largest in the Republic of Croatia. The town itself has about 80,000 inhabitants, while the urban area of ​​Zadar has about 118,000 inhabitants. The wider Zadar area has been inhabited since ancient times. The findings of this earlier culture date back to the Old Stone Age, while in the Neolithic period, archaeological research has identified numerous human settlements. In the middle of the 2nd century BC the Zadar area was gradually conquered by the Romans, who systematically settled in Zadar. The Colonia of Roman Citizens - Colonia Julia Jader was founded in 48 BC most likely Julius Caesar himself.

During its long history, Zadar, after the Romans, was also under the influence and rule of the Eastern Goths, Byzantium, Venice, Napoleon's France and Austro-Hungary. Witnesses of those times are numerous cultural and sacral monuments such as the church of St.Donat, Roman Forum, Cathedral of St.Stošija, Old town Gate (Porta terraferma) in the old city port, and many other artifacts that you can find in the Zadar Archaeological Museum. During World War II, Zadar was repeatedly exposed to heavy aerial bombardment, during which as many as 80% of residential buildings in the city center were destroyed and damaged. During the croatian Homeland War, Zadar also suffered significant damage, and was in a land blockade for almost 2 years. From all this, Zadar has emerged as a modern city, cultural, economic and traffic center of Central Dalmatia, and we definitely recommend you to visit it. In addition to cultural and sacral monuments, there are numerous restaurants and bars, and do not miss the beautiful sunset from the Zadar waterfront with the famous installations „Greeting to the Sun“ and „Sea Organ“.

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