The first Croatian royal city of Nin

The first Croatian royal city of Nin
07 Februar 2023


How to spend perfect day in Nin

If you like history, natural beauty or just quiet place to spend your vacation, you are on perfect place. This town has all three, and every day its gonna be full of activities and different places.


History of Nin

Is anything but boring. While you walking tho the town you will see lot of monument and spot where are Croatian kings were crowned. In the field of Prahulje there is a romantic coronation church of St. Nicholas from the 11th/12th century. st. At the very entrance to the city, you will be greeted by a statue of Prince Branimir. Next to the stone bridge is the Condura Croatica, a replica of an old Croatian ship from the 11th century. An unmissable point is the monument of Bishop Grgur Ninski, the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Gregory is believed to grant the wishes of those who touch his thumb. They say, verified!

During the tour of the city, visit more former cathedral - the church of St. Anselm, the chapel of Our Lady of Rabbits, the church of St. Ambrose, the smallest cathedral in the world - the church of St. Cross and many other interesting historical places. Among them are the remains of a Roman mosaic from the 2nd century, and - the memorial park of the poet Petar Zoranić Ninjanin is certainly a particularly important place for the inhabitants of Nin. In your history day, visit the rich Nin Gold and Silver Museums and the Museum of Nin Antiquities.


Gifts of the Adriatic Sea

The first thing you don't want to miss is the Nin Saltworks, which shows how salt is collected from the sea, and the salt museum (350m from Villa Rita I), which shows the long tradition of salt production. In addition to all that interesting story, you can see about 200 different species of migratory birds that live in the salt pan and one endemic bird, the Vlastelica, which you can see with newlyweds in the shallow pools of the salt pan in the summer months.

Nin can also boast of beautiful beaches, one of which stands out in particular, Kraljičina beach. It is definitely the most famous sandy beach that offers natural medicinal mud, which with professional help and supervision in a combination of applying medicinal mud and swimming in the warm sea, helps alleviate and treat many diseases.


The surroundings of Nin and nature to remember

When you are in Nin, you are relatively close to as many as five beautiful national parks Paklenica, Krka, Kornati, Plitvička Jezera and Northern Velebit National Park, as well as the Vrana Lake and Telašćica nature parks. Each of these localities is truly unique and deserves your attention.

If you want to visit the islands, we recommend the island of Pag, where you can try the famous Pag cheese or see how Pag lace is made. The islands of Ugljan and Pašman are also interesting, and there are several tourist destinations on them, the tour of which also guarantees a wonderful trip.

We advise you to combine a tour of more distant attractions with a visit to the closer ones, such as the town of Ninski Stanovi, which is only two kilometers away, where there is an ecological cow farm Vigens, the fishing village of Privlaka, which is two kilometers away, then Vir, which is seven kilometers away, known for its diving sites, or another ten kilometers away is the town of Poljica. In the latter, there is a family farm of Dar-mar donkeys, which is especially attractive to children. Donkey milk is produced here, which has long been known as a remedy for children's whooping cough, it is a substitute for mother's milk and helps recovery after serious illnesses. In the town of Poljica there is also a family farm of the Babac/Damjanić family, which has its own organic fig tree with award-winning fig jam.


And in the end, we can only say that every place in Nin is imbued with the past and beauty, so no matter where you decide to go, you won't go wrong. However, if you like to plan your day, definitely take notes. ️‍


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